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It's been an exhausting week.  The eldest started drum camp on Monday so it's been two trips each day to get her there and pick her up.  The total driving time each day is about 3 1/4 hours.  If the traffic is bad (summer break!), it's closer to four.  Last year there were some carpool opportunities we were able to take advantage of.  None this year.  My dad celebrated his birthday on Tuesday and decided he wanted to spent it with his grandchildren.  It was great seeing both my folks and having dinner out that night.  Travel plus family has just made for a very full week.  On top of that, I haven't been sleeping well.  Late nights of lasting daylight, open windows, and our poor pooch who's seemed very unsettled lately are to blame.  Thankfully I've only almost fallen asleep on the road once. 

The calendar for July hits the ground running on the 4th of July with a parade obligation in Kingston.  From there it's travel, travel, travel for the kids.  My brother-in-law apparently went overboard on fireworks this year.  The family picnic will be on the 5th.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  That many conversations going on at one time is still hard for my brain to process though.  I might end up being the awkward individual in the corner with the glazed look on their face. 


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